Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitten with Aberrent Left Subclavian Artery

I received a short email recently from a lady who ran a fundraiser blog to help a kitten receive surgery to correct PRAA. The beautiful, sweet kitten is doing great and please- stop by her blog and say hello!

Edited to add: Clive didn't actually have PRAA, but "Aberrent Left Subclavian Artery, which basically causes the same problems/symptoms as PRAA, as the left subclavian artery constricts the esophagus and trachea, similar to the PRAA, and also requires corrective surgery" per Debbie, the blogger who alerted me to his story and ran his fundraiser via his blog.

Needless to say- I'm thrilled. And really, really, really sad...

I know nothing can change the past- but Neala was supposed to have Clive's future. We did everything right- how could things have went so wrong?

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