Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pro Pics

Since I've inundated you with sadness, as per my norm, I thought I'd share some good news...

This is my boy- he is now a Double Grand Champion! Whoever says black cats aren't beautiful is a fool.

And this is my baby- he took a lot of best of breeds and I'm very pleased with him. He is going up north to a friend's cattery soon, but I will miss him...


  1. What gorgeous kitties.
    I almost remember the black kitties name, didn't you tell me about him? Oh, he is so handsome.
    They are both beautiful.

  2. And I think Black Cats are just about the best of all. They have gotten a really bad rap, mainly here in the US. In a lot of countries, they are lucky.
    Sol is very lucky for me!!!!