Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jeepers Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

Mum said it's about time I introduce myself since a kind lady, ML, finally let the 'cat out of the bag'...

My name is Cole, although on some fancy schmancy paperwork, I'm known as Susen's Jeepers Creepers. My Momma, the sweet one that I used to suckle the milk of life from, was a kind fluffy soul- with lots of curl and love to go around. I remember spending my days, nursing and hanging out with my brothers... We learned all of the things good kittens learn at Kitten Academy- how to use the litterbox, where to scratch, depending on whether the hue-mans have been good or bad that day, and how to be just aloof enough to put your hue-man back in their place if they've been exceptionally naughty. It was a good thing- but as all things go- couldn't last.

My Grams is a kind hue-man that taught me how to eat kibble and that hue-mans were good for scritches and pats. She was with me from birth too and then one day, she packed me and my bros up and we went to this place where there were a lot of other cats and hue-mans hustling and bustling back and forth from one set of wooden benches to another.

I didn't mind though. We had a nice cozy hide-out with a hammock (have you ever slept on one of those? COMFORT-DELUXE!) and blankies to snuggle under.

This is where I met my Mum- she came over and talked to my Grams and Grams took me out and we got to cuddle. I flashed my amber eyes at her- I could tell this hue-man was hurting and sad... I must admit- I kinda melted like butter in her arms- this is one of the Secrets to a Hue-man Heart you learn in Kitten Academy.

But would you believe it? Some hue-man male called numbers off the loud speaker and Mum dashed off! I was so appalled! How did I misread her? I thought I had her in my paw.

My brothers laughed at me that night! They told me I musta failed that class in KA! Pssh- brothers!

But the next day, right before the cat show, as Grams called it, was to end- Mum came over and started talking to Grams again. We were already in the plastic box that would carry us home, but Mum pointed me out and then Grams smiled and said something and Mum smiled and suddenly, I was outta the box and in Mum's arms!

She looked into my eyes and squeezed me softly and I knew- she was mine!
Well, that's my intro for now :)
(Edited to add by Mum: Cole isn't a rescue, although I can see by his description how one might think he is... The hustle and bustle he is describing is the hustle and bustle found at the cat show we last attended- and his little cave was his show cage :) He was there with his breeder- I fell in love and she offered him as a co-owned kitty. I couldn't turn him down!)


  1. Hiya Cole!

    We ams curly too! and Ize kindas looks like you, save you have a chubbier face. We lurvs u and glads u haves goods home.

    Sir Tobias Curlyfur of Purzzalot
    a mutant Rex from Wichita
    we just sorta showed up curly and dont knows why!

  2. We love a happy ending to a story like yours Cole. We were rescue kitties just like you. It doesn't take long to get them wrapped round your little paw. A cute look here and there and a snuggle and a where are you squeak are about the best places to start and then train them how you think fit.
    Do come and see us
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Hi Cole! It's so nice to meet you!! We can see why your new mum came back for you!! What a cutie you are! We can't wait to hear more from you!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. Hi Cole, we're really happy to meet you!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. i am so unfamiliar with pure breed cats and cat shows. if he is to be co-owned then he will be a show cat? or a cat used for breeding? or both? cole is cute with his big gold eyes. can't wait to see more photos of him.

  6. As much as I'd love to become involved with Selkirks, full-time- we already have a breed that I work with and I feel I must devote myself to one breed in order to ensure I have beautiful healthy kittens that fit the breed standard. This is why I was already planning on spaying Neala's Momma before all of the issues cropped up- for me- I feel like I need to put my all into one breed versus dabbling with a few.

    Cole will be shown, but he'll be shown as an alter- so he'll be neutered in the upcoming months :) We had big plans for Neala once we knew she would be staying with us- she was to be altered and shown as either a Sphynx alter OR as a Household Pet (which you can show your normal moggies at cat shows too- I'll post about Teddy tomorrow). Of course, we lost Neala... So while Cole definitely is not taking her place because no one can, he will be a show alter kitty like I was hoping for her.

  7. Good to meet you Cole - you are a cutie!

  8. Cole, you're a good-looking guy. And you've got a good home.

  9. Of course Mr. Cole is not trying to fill any body's shoes, let alone Neala... those were some pretty big shoes. Well, if cats had shoes... you know what I mean.
    Neala was one of a kind.
    And so is Cole. Very clever how he weaseled his way into your heart. I can see how, with the dark furs and the flashing amber eyes. He is a cutie.
    So glad to meet him and learn more about him.
    Thanks much for sharing.
    Love & Purrs,

  10. Welcome to the family Cole! You are a very cute black boy.

  11. What a cute little black cat. Glad he found a nice home!

  12. Hi Cole! It is so wonderful to meet you! What a sweetie you are! You are going to really like your new home! And boy, you already have a ton of people out here on the internet ready to be your friends - you will hear a lot about your sister who came before you, but know that we think you are awesome in your own right!

  13. Hi, Cole. You're gonna love your new home. From two black cats to third.

    Anne Bonny & Mary Read

  14. oops. That last was from the Lee County Clowder; apparently I had forgotten to sign out at some point.