Saturday, August 14, 2010


Johnny, the little kitten with the possible PRAA, was finally diagnosed with a simple mega-esophagus. Nothing actually simple about mega-e. Unlike PRAA, there is no 'fix'- you can only use medications and hope that it will enable the kitten to keep food down. In fact, digging through the mega-e archives on the Yahoo Group before Neala was diagnosed with PRAA, I only found ONE kitten with mega-e without a primary diagnosis causing it- and although this kitten survived- it does not bode well for others that there aren't others online with the same condition.

Johnny, sadly, was put to sleep after he fought the good fight- he was simply losing weight and not thriving. I know his parents were very saddened by his loss- I was saddened too...

I was also informed yesterday about a Peterbald kitten that was diagnosed with PRAA and has since passed on. Breaks my heart- these little guys... I'm hoping his Mom will email me the story as well as a picture to add to Neala's PRAA website.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating as much as I should be. I finally received the gorgeous painting by Shannon Tolhurst- Neala's portrait. I am keeping it- it graces my wall with her presence and Shannon did a wonderful job. I love it. She is a good friend who has two of Neala's half-siblings- they are about 3 years old.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Johnny and the other kitten - we are sending their families lots of purrs.

    And we would love to see a photo of the painting when you have time (we completely understand about not updating!)

  2. Oh that is so sad about Johnny and the other kitty - it is too bad that there isn't more that can be done - but hopefully there will be something soon to help!