Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Life goes on here, but now I am finding myself even more invested in other people's stories and tragedies revolving around their kitties and their health issues.

This week, a Savannah cat breeder whom I adore and respect had a kitten (under a year old, I believe) diagnosed with dry FIP and she was put to sleep. It breaks my heart to hear of her pain and to know so many other people have experienced the horrors of FIP...

FIP should be any cat lover's nightmare. The reality of it is- we have NO DEFENSE against FIP.

The vaccine doesn't work- point blank! And FIP is simply a mutated form of the coronavirus, which in most cats- it simply causes a cold and their immune system rallies and they survive.

In FIP cats, however, the coronavirus mutates and turns into either wet (the more common form) or dry FIP.

FIP frightens me. As a cat owner, letalone someone who shows/breeds, it terrifies me. The thought that one of my own cats might one day develop FIP and be lost to this dreaded disease- one where there is no cure- frightens me. But the thought that I might send a baby home and it's new owner might lose their beloved little one makes me break out in cold sweat.

Please- if you have never taken the time to read up on FIP- do so now. Most people are ignorant about the reality of FIP and they blame the shelter systems or their breeders if they lose a baby due to FIP, but the reality is- until there is enough money put into research, there is no one to blame except ourselves. FIP is not like FeLV or FIV; it is insidious and sneaky.

That's where my thoughts lie this week... If we can't afford to put an end to FIP, which is a silent, and oftentimes aggressive, cat killer- how can we afford any other research to help our feline companions?
In Memory of Aziza... B's baby girl...


  1. Good questions. Are they any companies or organizations that are doing research on FIP and taking it seriously? We as cat owners are at it's mercy along with the poor kitties who come down with it.

  2. One of our blogging friends lost a cat to FIP a few months back, and her other cat has the markers for it - when I read about that it was the first time I had even heard of FIP. When I visited some sites to learn about it I was just heartbroken for her. Her girl is doing ok right now - but the not knowing has just got to be awful. It is great that you are putting this out there - I have always had cats and like I said, I had never heard of this disease until a few months ago - hopefully the more people who become aware, the more attention they will give to trying to stop it!