Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Letter

The letter is printed and I will be mailing it certified today.

I am nervous- it's easier just to pretend it never happened then to ask for someone to take responsibility. I hope whoever decides to look into the situation takes the time to read Neala's blog- to see the hope and faith we rested squarely into their hands and to understand that we full well know it was a mistake and that they did not mean for her to die. I believe, if the person responsible for what happened could turn back time and fix the mistake- they would. But since I don't know who that person is and since none of us have that ability, then the next best step is to admit that it happened, look into the events leading up to her death, and creating a plan to ensure it never happens again at that vet hospital.

I know a lot of Neala's fans harbor anger and resentment towards the hospital and its staff, but I don't. I just have intense sorrow and grief- for them, for me, for us, and for Neala. Until such time as they respond to this letter, I will continue to hope that they will readily admit a mistake happened and that they will offer to rectify the situation, as limitedly as they can because who among us can bring back the dead?

Soon, Neala's ashes will be home. I'm not ready to deal with that, but deal- I must.

Until then, though- the letter will be sent today and I shall keep you updated.


  1. Remember we are all behind you in this - I understand being nervous but honestly it needs to be done. We know they can't bring her back, but they do need to acknowledge the problem.

    It still makes me cry whenever I visit here - it is just such a truly awful situation.

    I remember when we brought Floyd's ashes home - honestly I haven't even been able to take the urn out of the box yet, and it has been 8 months. It is hard and it sucks, and I have no advice for you, just support to send and virtual hugs because I remember how difficult this was for me - I can only guess it is even more difficult for you.

  2. I hope they make restituion, you deserve all your money back since someone there made a mistake. It might bring about some closure along with Neala's ashes. We were fortunate to be able to being our kitties home and bury them. Keep us posted . Sending you our hugs and prayers for comfort and healing.

  3. I think sending the letter is a great idea. Even if you don't receive any money, it might help someone else avoid a terrible mistake on their pet. At the very least, it may give you some closure about Neala's death.

  4. I agree that sending the letter was important. You need the closure on the mistake that was made and they need to know what happened from your perspective so that they can correct and/or reassess and/or whatever they need to do to prevent this from happening again.

    We and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde are with you sending hugs, prayers, and healing purrs.

  5. It is very hard to write such a letter and wait for a response. We have our paws crossed for a positive response.

  6. We are behind you 100%.
    The letter is an excellent idea.
    I hope they respond to you... I pray they accept responsibility for what they did so that it never happens again.
    It is still so fresh, the feelings we all shared of joy as Neala progressed, beating the odds. Seeing her little face, so full of love and trust. Then to have something so trivial bring an end to all our hopes.
    We are all sending you purrs, hugs and head bumps, hoping somehow they find their way to you and help, just a bit.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & The Kitties