Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Memories

I meant to discuss Pagan today, but I find I simply don't want to discuss anything...

While Thursday is the day we lost Neala- Tuesday was the day we brought her to the surgeon, so hopeful, so full of expectations and hope. We held our breath for what seemed like hours- waiting for the call from the surgeon. And when we finally received it- boy, did we celebrate! Not only us, but the people all over the world who were supporting Neala!

I think of the rollercoaster ride of last week and my stomach just clenches painfully. Today was the last day Neala was 'normal'. I think the results of the misfeeding could be seen when we visited the night of the surgery... Remember how I pointed out that we stayed only a few minutes, because she felt so cold? I think her body was already diverting energy towards her breathing versus keeping her warm.


  1. I am heart broken for you and what you went through with Neala. She touched everyone's heart. She was loved by everyone. Sending you comforting hugs, purrs and prayers.

  2. So many of us are heartbroken, we went through this together, to a degree. Not as much as her family, of course, but she touched us.
    When I was working on the CB and looked at my calendar, saw my notes for the week.
    Tuesday: Neala surgery and a little heart drawn in.
    And then, just two days down, it reads Angel Neala.
    So unfair. So much promise.
    Sending you love and hugs.

  3. We still cry whenever we read about poor little Neala. We are still sending you lots and lots of comforting purrs and prayers - we know this has to be so difficult for you, and we hope that knowing we are all out here (and of course by we I mean all the CB) sending you good thoughs helps at least a little.