Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First, the auction for Sphynx sweaters went off well- we managed to donate $52 to the Winn Foundation. Sure, it's not a huge amount, but every little bit helps! I found that out with Neala!

Second, I only have two of my Sphynx babies now... One will go home this weekend and the other girl will go home next weekend. I will miss my babies!

We had the Midpacific Regional TICA cat show this weekend in San Jose, California. We packed up and made the 8.5 hour drive out there. I took my Mom and Niece- along with my Mom's Sphynx (Neala's Daddy) and two of my own cats (Savannahs).

It was a long weekend, but a lot of fun, all in all. I made fliers that described PRAA and the symptoms and handed them out to everyone in the show hall. Although no one came up to talk to me about it- probably just as good because the ONE lady who said she had read about Neala online and wanted to know the rest of the story- I ended up in tears telling her what happened. BUT I did see quite a few breeders/show people reading the PRAA fliers- which means if they ever see it happen, they will now know. And maybe if they are never touched by it, a friend might be... It's a trickle down effect, really, informing people about conditions they've never heard of.

Made me laugh- I came up to ladies folding HCM fliers (cardiomyopathy) and I said, "Would you like a flier about a congenital defect?" and they said, "Only if you'll take one of ours!"

My cats did as well as I expected them- they were gorgeous and well behaved for the judges.

It was nice- it was relaxing. It was nice, also, to be around a lot of people who knew Neala's story- who didn't need to ask about it because they knew what had happened- every step of the way...

We benched next to a lady I had never met, but who had pushed for donations for Neala throughout the Sphynx world. Jacky is a great lady and her Sphynx are gorgeous!

But I just wanted to update all of you- life got busy out here!


  1. Every penny counts.Glad the sweaters were such a big success. The cat show sounds like fun. Thanks for the update.

  2. Good for you for passing out flyers and spreading the word. You're right; it may take months or even years for a trickle-down effect, but even one life saved will make it all worth while.