Sunday, July 4, 2010

Neala's Last Video

Ah, so I haven't ran out of tears...

I forgot about this... I had videotaped this in the exam room, waiting on the surgeon to arrive. I wanted you guys to hear Neala purring... If you turn up your volume, you will hear it...

Now I remember where that phrase 'drowing in sorrow' comes from.. The tears just won't stop. I know- eventually, I'll remember the happy highlights like this video more then the tears and the anger... But until then, they just don't stop...


  1. OK, so I haven't run out of tears, either.
    It's still so hard for me to believe that she is gone. Just as quickly as I met her, fell in love... she's gone. And what a gap she left.
    I do like the idea of her being a poster cat for more research. We will do everything we can, and then some, to assist.
    Love & Purrs,
    ML & Kitties

  2. Oh my goodness if only we could understand why these things have to happen. A precious little life gone too soon. I am still so very sad...gone will never mean forgotten. What the heart once loved, it always will.
    Love Miss Peach

  3. Ah, that made my tears flow again, too. What a sweet, sweet baby she was.

  4. We are crying again too. Poor thing. we fell instantly inlove with the moment we saw her and now she is gone. We have a link to the Winn Feline foundation on our blog. Our hearts ache for you and for your sorrow. Purrs and prayers to you and your family.

  5. This is such a moving story. We all prayed for the best and are saddened by the loss of such a little Angel.. She will never be forgotten..

  6. That video is precious. Her meow was so cute! Poor little baby.

  7. Oh, what a precious video. So happy and trusting. Thank you for sharing this and continued purrs from our house.

  8. I hadn't seen this yet. Again the tears. Breaks my heart to pieces. Precious Neala little Sphynx angel.

  9. I'm not out of tears either and I searched for this post to read about Neala.
    My heart aches that this was a mistake.
    {{{{{Neala's Mama and Daddy}}}}}