Saturday, July 3, 2010

Support for Feline Health Research

I asked ML from the Blogosphere if she knew anyone who could make a button for me to share with all of you... She asked Anne at Zoolatry and she made these gorgeous little buttons.

Please- use them! Link them to whatever captures your heart! HCM Research, FIP Research, the Winn Foundation, WHATEVER touches your life right now!
Seeing these buttons on others' sites will put a smile in my heart, knowing Neala will always be remembered.


  1. The grafics are beautiful, Ann makes the best graphics.
    I's gotted a Neala button up on the CB and putting one on mine own bloggie.
    We will do we can to help because this is something that concerns all us Felines.
    Fanks, Mom Trish.
    Love & Purrs,

  2. Daddy & I am sorry for your loss.

    I have health related links in my sidebar, and an archive of health related posts.

    Today has been a busy day for me, but in the next day, or 2, I will add the left button, and links to this Blog, and Neala's original, to my sidebar.

    Nikita Cat

    Professor of the Nikita Institute of Pussydom Studies (NIPS): The Most Opinionated Cat in America, With Talent on Loan from THE CEILING CAT!

    Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat

  3. We are so sorry for your loss of Neala - she was far too young to be taken. We dearly hope that research will stop other kitties losing their life too soon.
    Love Hannah, Lucy and Mum Sue xxx

  4. Love the graphics and hope that with them, comes more research into the problems that our cats suffer with.
    I'm still so very sorry about your loss but am so very impressed in your desire to make things better for others.
    Snuggles and purrs from the cats-Taz, Runt, and Charles and from me, Anna, in IL

  5. We will put this up on both of our bloggies. We had some sads recently at the Castle. We will link to Winn Feline Foundation as they do a lot to support HCM research.

  6. We will put one up on our bloggie too. We will link to the Winn Feline Foundation since Harry has HCM.

  7. What a wonderful idea and a wonderful way to remember Neala! We're gonna have our mom put a button on our sidebar today!!

    We know what you mean about not enough feline research. When Scooter, the one that came before us, suffered from arthritis which required major back surgery, our mom could find nothing about this on the innernets, and the veterinarians, even the orthopedic surgeon that did the surgery, did not have a lot of experience with this. Scooter was lucky, he survived the surgery and lived for another 3 years afterwards.

    You and Neala are still in our thoughts and purrayers....

  8. We will put this up on our sidebar - this is a very good idea. We're still sending you lots and lots of purrs and all our good thoughts.

    Love and (((hugs))) from Katie and the Mishkat cats

    P.S. from Katie
    I've been having trouble reading the story of Neala's aftercare because I, too, had a cat who was released too soon from the vet. If I knew then what I knew now, I would not have left the vet's office with him (I still feel really bad about that!) My family also had a terrible experience when a human family member did not receive the correct care in the hospital following routine surgery - ultimately resulting in death. In both cases, there was a communication issue between the original vet/doctor and the vet/doctor in charge at the time.

    I know this happened because people can't work 24/7 but I think you (1) did the right thing in insisting that Neala be checked back in right away and (2) are doing the right thing in informing the hospital of their mistake. And I feel very strongly that we all need to be advocates for both our animal and human family members during medical care.

  9. Do you have links to some of those research groups?

  10. we love winn it one of our faviort we had lost Kayla to FIP in 2001 thats how we found Dr C she speicalzis in cats she on the win under honnored ventarary she reachers alot about FIp and deises of the epougous but she know just about everything. we will put one your bages on your on are blog. Please keep maxie in your purrs as he reovers form struters and ephougistis

  11. I has taken a button! Purrrrs to you and your fambily. We know how hard it is... Neala and my sissyfur Keiko can be furriends and wait fur us at the Bridge till we get there =^_^=