Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Winn Foundation

I just decided to sit down and email the Winn Foundation... I wanted to ask if they had any research looking into Persistent Right Aortic Arch. As much as online, it says it's rare in cats- in my research, I found a Domestic Shorthair, Timmy, as well as two Sphynxes located in Holland, who were diagnosed with this disease. I wonder how many kittens have it and are lost before the diagnosis can be made- and I wonder how many kittens have it and are euthanized due to the high cost of surgery.

I also asked about running a donation drive for them... I am thinking, in my head, that maybe next June, I will run a month-long donation drive with all proceeds going to the Winn Foundation. The honest truth is- we NEED more research done into our cats' health care. We NEED to know MORE. Our VETS need to know more. And the only way to do this is to fund MORE research.

Look at FIP! It's a horrible silent type killer. Even the best catteries and rescues have had to deal with FIP. I am so thankful I have not seen it yet, but I am not naive- I know it can hit when you are least expecting it. Why don't we know MORE about this disease?

Or HCM! At least in a few breeds of cats, there is a relatively easy test to diagnose the possiblity of HCM in their lines- not within the Sphynx breed! We are losing beloved cats day after day to the horrors of HCM- we need to know MORE!

Anyways, so that is where my thoughts are today... I feel as though I found all of this fire in the last two weeks, to fight for Neala and her life, and it would be a shame to let it fade and be wasted.... Perhaps, together, we cat lovers can bring more knowledge to the forefront of veterinarian care.


  1. That is so true. Wish I was a rich person to help finance research but I think you are absolutely correct in that is the answer to the problems with the vet. There is no excuse for them feeding Neala. But at least Neala is causing you to make a drive to more research.

  2. The Winn Foundation does a lot of work with FIP but I don't think we're any closer to finding a cure or treatment. I lost my first Birman, Uriel, to FIP. I also wonder how many poor kitties go to the Bridge from misdiagnosis or from lack of funds. Maybe Neala is the spark that gets more funding for Persistent Right Aortic Arch.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Hopefully Neala's passing will bring about change and more research in this area.

  4. We will help with any fundraising, anything to further research in Neala's sweet name.
    ~ML and the Sherwood Kitties